Astar.Exchange is ultimately governed by its community, via Discord discussions and voting on proposals held on the Astar.Exchange Snapshot. 2 million Astar.Exchange Token $ASX (<1% of total supply) is needed to post a proposal to the Snapshot voting system, it can be considered binding if passed with a quorum.

Your proposal can also gain enough traction to be brought up for voting on our Snapshot voting platform by the team, where the community will vote with $ASX to decide the outcome.

For a vote to pass and become binding, it must gain a quorum of at least 5 million $ASX (<2.5% of total supply).

Any member of the community is welcome to post a proposal on our Discord. but please try and follow template when creating a thread, so that the proposals can be easily read through by the prospective voters. Please note: To be an eligible voter for any proposal on our Snapshot, you must have Astar.Exchange Token from any or all of the 3 above options at the time of the vote being started. This means that you cannot simply buy $ASX to vote on an already ongoing vote, and is meant to reduce the risk of influence by whales and flashloaners.

80% of $ASX will be distributed to liquidity providers by incentivized pools

10% for Treasury (marketing and improvement)

10% for actual and future team members

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